How about gaining fist-time work experience abroad? Completing an international internship will allow you to enhance your resume and gain cross-cultural competence while becoming fluent in a foreign language. Many higher education degree programmes include at least one internship abroad. Bear in mind work placements aren’t only available for students: if you have taken up vocational training or if you are unemployed, you might be able to land an internship abroad too. Once you are on the verge of really entering the workforce, an expat experience will necessarily make you stand out but securing an internship outside your home country requires more organization. Selecting the right position and applying, getting an internship grant, organizing your stay abroad… Spotlight on international internships: tips to finding and funding a worthwhile experience in a foreign country.

For most internships, you will need personal liability cover. Taking out international internship insurance is the easiest way to be fully protected abroad.

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