Spending a year in a university in the United States, heading for a semester in Spain on an exchange programme… Studying abroad isn’t only about setting off on an adventure and returning home with an unforgettable international experience to talk about. It also means dealing with the organization and funding of your stay abroad. By choosing global mobility, you will have to cope with various expenses: visa fee, plane tickets, accommodation costs, tuition fees… The European Union and various organizations provide study grants for students who wish to take up studies abroad. Depending on your destination and level of study, you won’t necessarily be applying for the same grant. How do you request financial aid? What are the requirements you need to meet? Take a look at the available options for study abroad funding.

There is yet another expense you will have to face before you step into the plane: don’t forget to add the insurance for international students to your study abroad checklist.

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Erasmus grant

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