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During your holidays, you may be torn between just lazing around and getting a student job. But what if you decide to go abroad to find a job? This is the best way to combine making money and discovering a new culture! Whether it’s for three weeks, two months or more, stack the odds in your favour and get yourself a job abroad!

The most convenient way of finding temporary work abroad is to go there. Some countries, especially Britain and America, are well-known for having a variety of temporary jobs available. Bartenders, waiters, babysitters, sales people, tourist guides, farm workers ... so many fields where you can find a job without too much difficulty during the summer. Print out your CV in the local language and look in the windows of bars, restaurants and shops: with a bit of luck, you'll see a little card saying they have a vacancy!
If it’s difficult for you to go abroad to find a job, you can still check the job ads online before getting a telephone interview. You will have to search on local websites specialising in seasonal jobs in your preferred field: hospitality, catering, working with young children, tourism, agriculture etc.
Finally, you can choose to go through an agency which will organise your trip from A to Z. From finding the job and accommodation to arranging language courses, this agency will organise it all for you and allow you just to enjoy the experience! But there is a cost attached: expect to pay around €1,000 for three months spent abroad.

Get more information on jobs abroad on the Ministry of Education website.

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