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Are you supposed to intern abroad this year? Have you simply decided to boost your resume by completing an internship outside your home country? Is your job seeking not getting anywhere? An internship abroad might be the stepping stone you need to jump into the workforce… But how do you land an affordable internship abroad? Several international internship grants allow student and young non-students to perform internships in Europe. Learn how to fund an internship abroad and pursue your ambitions!

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Erasmus + internship grant

No internship, no degree: internship semesters abroad are compulsory for many students. You’ve probably heard stories of Erasmus years abroad already but did you know the programme also helps students pay for their international internship?

To benefit from the Erasmus + internship grant, you must:

  • be completing at least your first year of higher education studies;
  • be enrolled in a university which has signed the Extended Erasmus + University Charter;
  • sign an internship agreement.

Do you meet these requirements? To prepare and submit your application, get in touch with your university’s International Office. The Erasmus programme allows you to land an internship in one of 33 participation countries. Internships may last between two and twelve months. The monthly grant varies depending on the country you are from and the one you are heading to. Even if you receive an Erasmus + grant, you may continue to benefit from the other grants you might be entitled to in your home country.

Are you an apprentice?
As an apprentice or recent secondary vocational education graduate, you can also get an Erasmus+ internship grant during the year following your graduation. Your internship may last between 2 weeks and 12 months.

Eurodyssey programme

Are you a job seeker experiencing a rather disappointing job search? Are you no longer a student but still wish to complete an international internship? Whatever your qualifications and background might be, if you are between 18 and 30 years old, you may benefit from the Eurodyssey programme. To apply, make sure you live in an AER (Assembly of European Regions) member region. How about a junior export manager work placement in Catalonia or a cooking internship in the Umbria region, Italy? All internship offers are posted on the Eurodyssée website. If you are selected, the programme will pay for:

Interns also receive a monthly grant: amounts vary depending on the destination. Work placements may last between three and seven months. An internship certificate is delivered to all returnees as long as they submit a report to their home and/or host region.

To find out more about international internship grants:

Browse the European Commission website for detailed information about European programmes and grants.

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