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To obtain a Temporary Resident’s Certificate, the host should apply to the town hall of their place of residence. They should also provide documents in support of their application which the mayor will examine.

The host should complete and sign a form which they will be given at the town hall. The visitor’s spouse and minor children can be included in the same application.

  • The host must provide:

- an identity card or passport, or a residence permit for foreign hosts,
-property title deeds or a rental agreement and a water, electricity or telephone bill or receipt for the payment of rent in their home,
- any document showing their level of income and ability to accommodate the foreign visitor under normal conditions (a recent pay slip or bank statement).

In addition, a medical insurance cover for a minimum of € 30,000 is required to cover expenses for health received during the stay in France.

  • Check on accommodation conditions

The host must be able to prove that normal accommodation will be provided for the foreign visitor.
At the request of the mayor, authorised agents of local services or of the A.N.A.E.M. (National Agency for the Reception of Foreigners and Migration) may carry out spot checks. The host must consent in writing. If they refuse to give consent, normal accommodation conditions are considered not to have been met.

  • Cost

Each application for a Temporary Resident’s Certificate costs €30 to be paid to the IMO (International Organisation for Migration), even if the application is rejected.

  • Granting or rejecting the application

The Temporary Resident’s Certificate is authorised and issued by the mayor.

  • If the application is rejected

The mayor may refuse to authorise the Temporary Resident’s Certificate in certain cases, especially if:
- the host is unable to provide supporting documents,
- normal accommodation has not been provided for the foreign visitor.

If the application is rejected, the applicant may appeal to the departmental prefect in the area where the guest would be staying within 2 months of the express or implied rejection by the mayor. The administrative appeal to the Prefect must be made before any appeal to the Administrative Court. The Prefect may dismiss the appeal or grant the Temporary Resident’s Certificate. If the Prefect fails to respond within one month, the appeal is considered to have been unsuccessful.


The website provides information and guidance on administrative procedures.

It offers particularly useful information on the hosting of foreign visitors in France. You can also:

- download the Temporary Resident Certificate application form,

- download the circular of 23 November 2004 on Temporary Resident’s Certificates,

- get contact details for the relevant departments in your area.

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