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Your partner has just found the job of her/his dreams on the other side of the planet? If you intend to travel, there is no way to think on quitting your job without thought of returning. Beside the fact that French couples abroad are more and more bi active, it is sometimes difficult for the person who follows the partner abroad to find a job in the host country and may spread concerns about social and health benefits. Going through a legal resignation represents a way to preserve the rights to unemployment allowance in case of possible return to France.

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Follow your partner: legal motif for resignation

There are several cases of resignations that are considered as legal within the unemployment insurance conditions. One of the cases is to resign in order to join your partner who is about to start working abroad.

Your rights in case of legal resignation

Your partner moved out to Thailand or found a new job in London? If you resign from your job to join her/him abroad, you will get an unemployment insurance allowance upon your return, provided that you have not spent more than four years out of France, from the date of your resignation. Whether you are married, you live in a civil union or just live together, you must be able to prove that you live also together abroad.

Which procedure to go through?

As for the legal resignation, the rules are the same also for any resignation: you must send or submit a letter of resignation to your employer and to respect the notice period. However, remember to clarify the reasons for your resignation in your letter and keep a copy of the email.

Receive unemployment allowance when returning to France

After spent few years abroad, you and your partner decide to go back to France? If you want to qualify for unemployment allowance, you have to first register on time as an applicant seeking employment with the job agency that depends on. In order to gain your rights, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • Certificate given by your employer according to your legal resignation,
  • Your resignation letter having explained the reasons of resignation,
  • Proof of your residence abroad,
  • Proof of the activity performed by your partner abroad.

Note that if you return from a country of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you may have already been registered as unemployed before leaving France. The U2 form - Maintenance of the right to unemployment allowance makes it possible to receive unemployment allowance in the host country for a period of three months. In that case, when you return to France you will receive the remaining open rights.

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