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Are you planning a 10-month round the world trip? Are you getting ready for your road trip across Australia? Did you decide to visit all of Europe in less than 4 months? If you have very little savings, travelling the world might be tricky. To fund their journey, many globetrotters decide to find casual jobs abroad. There are various jobs you can do while travelling: take a look through our 10 ideas!

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1. Language teacher

What if you taught your native language abroad? Many language centers and cultural associations located in different countries frequently hire native teachers. If you are a student, you can also try to go abroad as a language assistant in a secondary school.

2. Farm employee

Helping a British farmer harvest his potatoes, picking mangoes in Australia, working on a Canadian dairy farm... Depending on the season and on your location, you might be able to find day or week-long jobs on farms. And if you want to meet the locals, try wwoofing.

3. Au pair

If you enjoy being with children and want to share with a host family, au pair is the right job is for you! Many agencies and specialized websites offer au pair stays abroad. Do bear in mind that there is an age limit: you will usually not be able to secure an au pair position beyond 30 years old.

4. Waiter

In some countries, many backpackers land a job as a waiter. The easiest way to find an employer, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, is to go to restaurants, cafes or bars and introduce yourself. If you know very little of your host country’s language, you can offer to do the washing-up instead of serving customers...

5. Trip leader

If you are an experienced globetrotter, you might be able to transmit your love for travel! Tour operators often seek staff to accompany groups of travellers. No matter what country you are visiting, trip leaders must ensure the group has an enjoyable experience and take care of all the formalities. Organization skills are a must, as trip leaders follow a specific schedule.

6. International volunteer

There are various types of international volunteering (European Volunteering Service, UN volunteering…) which will allow you to take part in solidarity projects around the word. Assignment conditions, however, vary greatly and volunteers often only receive an allowance.

7. Travel blogger

Given the huge number of travel blogs you can now find on the web, expect the competition to be tough! Making money by blogging isn’t all about having excellent writing abilities: you must have real web marketing and SEO skills. Becoming a true digital nomad, takes a lot of work!

8. Cruise ship employee

You do not get seasick and have a strong sense of customer service? Why don’t you work on a floating hotel! Cruise ships offer jobs in the hospitality, restaurant, entertainment or retail industries. Though the work environment is often faced-paced, you might be lucky enough to discover a number of beautiful parts of the world.

9. Holiday club activity leader

Organize salsa classes, run a puppet workshop, prepare a show… A holiday club activity leader must have very good organizational skills and be ready to adapt to diverse audiences. You can work as an activity leader within different types of institutions, such as resorts, campgrounds or clubs.

10. Scuba diving instructor

Which travel and scuba diving lover has never dreamed of exploring the Great Barrier Reef? If you are physically fit and have the required certification, you will be able to find diving instructor jobs in many countries.

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